TRIGENICS® is a muscle nerve sensor assessment, treatment and training system which instantly relieves pain, increases strength and movement and enhances performance. It uses functional and manual muscle testing procedures to plot poor nerve sensor communication and unbalanced muscle pull patterns and then provides innovative and specific treatment and training procedures in muscle neurology to restore these deficits to their normal state. The beneficial neuroplastic effects of Trigenics are often instantaneous and results can be seen reliably and immediately.

The treatments and training procedures are either done manually or involve the use of instruments or exercise equipment. Trigenics can help people suffering from a large variety of neuro-musculoskeletal and repetitive strain conditions and athletes and training clients struggling with advancing in their training and performance outcomes. Trigenics® is safe, gentle and non forceful and can be used effectively on a broad range of patients including children and seniors. In seniors it has been found to be very effective and does not require any forceful joint manipulations. It is also an excellent alternative to high velocity neck manipulation.

Trigenics is currently practiced by over 2000 doctors, therapists and trainers in 20 countries worldwide. The complex procedures used in Trigenics® retrain the way the brain communicates its movement and/or pain signals with the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints of the body. The use of the three different neurological treatment modalities combined together at once is what produces greater results than if only used by themselves.

If Trigenics® is what they need, patients having suffered with physical pain syndromes and/or movement dysfunctions always see strikingly measurable results on their first visit to a Trigenics® practitioner. This will be the case; no matter how long they have had the condition and attended other therapies or how many doctors or therapists they have seen. Strength trainers using Trigenics® Power Augmentation training procedures on their clients see an unprecedented acceleration of muscle strength and size, increased max reps and ease of movement without drugs.




“He who has health, has hope; and he who
has hope, has everything.”

Thomas Carlye