Seek Holistic Health is a healing center that implements a multi-disciplinal, personalized, and science-base health care approach to assist you on your journey to wellness.

“The body has an innate ability to heal itself if the right adjustment, emotional release, nutrients, and remedy is given to remove the cause of illness.”

Holistic Health is in fact an approach to life. Rather than focusing on illness or specific parts of the body, this approach to health considers the whole person and how one interacts with his or her environment. It emphasizes the connection of mind, body, and spirit. “Quality of life, now and in the future, is in reality being determined by a multitude of seemingly unimportant choices made everyday. With holistic health approach, people accept responsibility for their own level of well-being, and everyday choices are used to take charge of one’s own health. The goal is to achieve maximum well-being, where everything is functioning at the very best possible.” – Susan Walter, M.B.A

Seek Holistic Health’s Dr. See Y Yao (Doctor of Chiropractic) is a holistic practitioner proficient in Chiropractic, Functional Medicine, Applied Kinesiology, and Personalised Nutrition. See is constantly striving to learn, and currently undergoing studies in Functional neurology and Clinical nutrition. “With the breadth of knowledge from varies fields, I allow my intuition and the science of natural medicine to assist you to reach your health and life potential. I am committed to providing you and your family with safe, effective and comprehensive health care. My passion is to serve members of our community in order to enable them to experience a high quality of life and a sense of deeper connection to their inner peace, joy and vitality.”


To find out how you can benefit from functional medicine, chiropractic and other holistic services we offer, contact us for an obligation free phone call, simply fill in the enquiry form today!

The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

Thomas Edison